Hypro (Kings Sprayers) TR11002 Total Range Tip

Factory Shipped

TR110-02 (Yellow) Hypro Total Range Spray Tip. (80° Shown in Picture)

The TR (Total Range) tip series consists of a metal insert that is held in a plastic carrier. The tips are able to maintain a constant spray angle over a wide pressure range down to 15 PSI, making this product ideal for use with automatic rate controllers. Available in 80° and 110°, the droplet profile of the TR makes the product ideal for treating a range of grassy weeds.

Excellent spray distribution over 15 - 70 PSI pressure range. Ideal for sprayers fitted with automatic rate controllers. Adjustable droplet size according to pressure . Manages drift when used at low pressures and gives excellent coverage at higher pressures. ISO standard colors and sizing ensure that the TR fits all standard caps and TwinCap. Insert is molded or precision machined in hardened stainless steel and carrier is molded in tough and durable polyacetal.

Please note: Parts under $50 are non-returnable. Please verify the correct part before placing your order.

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Product Name Total Range Tip
SKU TR11002
Manufacturer-New Hypro (Kings Sprayers)
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